Happiness Quotes

“There is no way to Happiness, Happiness is the way.” ~ Dr Wayne Dyer

Happiness has been attributed to be beneficial to our health. Both individually and throughout community. It is a known fact that happy people live longer and lead healthier lives. Studies have shown that people who meditate have an improved sense of calm and wellness. Expressing gratitude is another way of nurturing happiness. Studies have proven that people who write down things for which they are happy and grateful for have increased energy levels, greater satisfaction and improved health.

Happiness is not a destination or goal it is a continuum. It is a state of mind and way of life that we choose on a daily basis. We either decide to be happy or we decide not to be, it is that simple.

This is precisely what we have done at SmileyQuotes.com. It is our intention to spread happiness through the multitude of happiness quotes that we offer, In the hope that these artistic creations will inspire, motivate and spread happiness to those who happen to come across them.

Happiness quotes do not only need to be words of inspiration and motivation, at SmileyQuotes.com, happiness quotes become so much more; they become beautiful art pieces that can be used as decorations in your homes or offices that become centerpieces of inspiring happiness in others.

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