Love Quotes

The most profound human emotion experienced. Ancient Greek teaches that there are four types of; Agape, spiritual, Eros, and romantic, experienced between two individuals; Phillia, compassion that one person shows towards another; and Storage, of family. While we have a different emotions for the different people in our lives, it is one of the most complex emotions known to man, an emotion most of us cannot explain to each other in words. Because of its complexity, great minds such as Aristotle, Plato and Socrates have given us quotes to live by that defines and explains the one human emotion that no man can live without.

When Plato asked, “What is love?” Socrates explained, “We always look for the best in life. When we finally see it, we take it for granted, expecting a better one… NOT KNOWING IT WAS THE BEST AND LAST!!!” This simple explanation is one that many have lived by and have changed and reworded to define in their own words. If you have used a quote such as this one to define, explain or tell someone how you feel about him or her, you may now be ready to create an artistic design out of your favorite quote.

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